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Whatever you’re doing that’s working- start doing it 4x and watch the results manifest…

Sometimes it just takes grit.

Grit will separate the successful stylists from the not so successful stylists.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes when a really talented artist doesn’t put in the work.

If you are a struggling artist behind the chair, I really want you to think about why you’re in that situation.

What IS working for you in your business?

What is NOT working?

Whatever is actually bringing in revenue should be your focus. No matter what that looks like, if it brings in good clients then it’s working! Growing a scaling salon as an independent stylist means wearing ALL the hats… you are a marketer, photographer, stylist and SO much more…

Try doing what works x4.

It will take a bit of work- but in the end you will see results.

And start there.

So much love,

Angelina Xx

P.s. I read and try to respond to every one that emails me back. Tell me what works for you in your business and how you can 4x your results? I would love to hear!

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