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are you an independent stylist that’s struggling?

I feel you.

Because I was you…

It can be really hard to wear so many hats when you are running a business solo.

It can almost be impossible.

I know for me, I am not a numbers person. I do fabulous hair and I can cook up something yummy anytime…

You have to know what you are elite at and what you are mediocre at. If you are an awesome business person, hairstylist and marketer, all hats off to you!

But if you are anything like me…

You understand that trying to build a thriving business behind the chair can be hard if your not-
-Charging enough for your services and experience
-Keeping overhead low at all costs
-Counting your numbers
-Actually having the education to back you up

And so much more.

In my Masterclass Sold Out Stylist I go over how I built a 6 figure business with only one chair.

And it has nothing to do with wearing all the hats.

If you are an artist that is struggling, I hope you know there are people out there that want to help you grow behind the chair.

So much love,

Angelina 💋xx

P.s. I read and try to respond to every email that I get in return. Tell me if you are a struggling
stylist and what you think has been holding you back. I am here for you! You can get your copy
of my Masterclass here!