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Skyrocket Your extension business and become the highest paid extensionist in your area.

Extensions have changed my life and countless guests of mine. I’m here to show you actionable skills and strategies to grow your extension business to that 6-7 figure forward mark.

If you are working more than 80% behind the chair – you’re working too much. You have the ability to work less and make way more…

Let me ask you a question…

  • Do you struggle to gain high paying extension clients?
  • Do you spend countless hours on social media?
  • Is your body and passion for this industry almost burnt out?
  • Do you want to make 20k or more a month consistently?
  • Are you capped with your income year in and year out?
  • Do you want to be the elite extensionist in your area and stand out from the crowd?

If you are this close to burn out or you’re starting to HATE your clients and this industry because of being overworked and underappreciated – I hear you and I WAS you.

Truth bomb: more clientele = more profit
is an outdated way of thinking.

If you are this close to burn out or you’re starting to HATE your clients and this industry because of being overworked and underappreciated – I hear you and I WAS you.

And I am here to help.

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Learn how to build a 6 figure business implementing our proven 3 daily habits that drive your ideal clients into your chair.

What exactly does it include?

  • How to do Hand Tied Extensions
  • Market correctly and efficiently
  • Money
  • Boundaries
  • Time management
  • And so much more…

Plus, exclusive additional opportunities just for Sold Out Stylist members, including priority registration for Sold Out Stylist membership and Q&A opportunities with Angelina!

One Payment of $1000Two Payments of $575

What exactly does it include?

  • How to master the art of luxury hand tied extensions with step by step video tutorials; Installation, Coloring techniques, Styling, Cutting and SO much more…
  • Market correctly and efficiently with business strategies, automations and systems that attract 20 new high paying extension clients a month into your chair…
  • How to market yourself the right way so clients are seeking you out….
  • How to set boundaries so you can thrive…
  • How to stand out from the crowd and be the top extensionist in your area…
    And so much more…

What Professional Extentionists Are Saying About…

Yesterdays class with @angelinamurphy__ was everything I needed! Can't wait to have her as a mentor! I've already learned so much in just this one class. Highly recommend looking into her program if you do hair extensions.

Amanda Rose

I can’t believe how little she is charging for what I learned in her online extension course. It’s GOLD.

Becky Baryard

Thank you for doing the 1:1 retreat with me and my salon! It will actually make me money and I’m so excited to put into action!!

Sara Blake

Sold Out Stylist Extension Masterclass is amazing and I learned so much. Thank you Angelina!

Hey girl- I’m Angelina and I am just like you…

I was a struggling stylist for years so you don’t have to be. Making only $1000-1500 a month, working as a kitchen beautician – barely surviving and feeling less than worthy and lost. The lowest point in my career was having to be a mobile stylist while 8 months pregnant – doing hair in clients’ kitchens.

Ooof. I remember.

I eventually found a mentor who showed me how to build a dream business and life.

“You’re not alone. There are people out there that genuinely want to help you succeed.”


“SOLD OUT STYLIST EXTENSION MASTERCLASS was built by a stylist who knows exactly where you’re at and knows how to grow your business tremendously- because she did it.””

Selena Smith
Because you know what happens when you finally know how to work on your business the right way??
  • You end up working less than 4 days a week while making more than you ever dreamed
  • You are actually being paid what your worth
  • The dollars come flooding into your business because you know how to attract your dream client’s with ease

You have more time now that you’re not stressing about where the next client or referral will come from…

You are confident that the right clients will find their way to you- because you have the right systems in place to grow your salon revenue.

Learn how to attract your dream clientele
Become the highest-paid extensionist in your area
Learn How to Attract 20 new clients in 7 Days


Learn how to build a 6 figure business in front of the chair without feeling the burnout!!! A program in business, life and body that will help you achieve that 6-figure mark in a very short amount of time as hair extensionist.

This masterclass will help you get to those 20k months consistently working less than 5 days a week-


Sold Out Stylist Master Class – Enroll now for $1000


Learn How to Attract 20 new clients in 7 Days


This is everything you need to be successful – become the top extensionsist in your area.

One Payment of $1000Two Payments of $575

Are you a struggling independent stylist?
Are you close to burn out?
Do you hate your clients?

Reserve your spot in the Sold Out Stylist Extension Masterclass today!

One Payment of $1000Two Payments of $575



    Let us set you up (and your team) for success by steam rolling over bad clients (or even family members) with boundary setting and how to do it with ease.

    Learn how to become more visible for the ideal clients knocking at your door to sit in your chair, that’s right, they will seek you out!

    Let’s talk about everything money. How to bring in the big bucks fast. How to keep it and help it grow.

    Learn the 3 simple steps to branding your business. Learn how to show off your style and mood.
One Payment of $1000Two Payments of $575

You Get All the Things…

Video Tutorials – For all you technophobes, I’ll hold your hand through the more technical and confusing aspects of running your systems and automations for your biz in front of the chair ($300-value)

BIG BONUS – Access to the Facebook Support Group. This is actually my favorite part of the program. The beauty industry, and running your business in it, is always changing. Now you will have access to all the knowledge I know (even if the price goes up later). I want you to also have a place to discuss updates, road bumps, and any other challenges immediately.

Plus, as you develop your skills with running your 6 figure business as a stylist, you’ll invariably venture into the land of more complex problems. You may have questions and I want to be there to answer them for you.

The Facebook Support Group is a private group on Facebook EXCLUSIVELY for Sold Out Stylist customers. My team and I will be in there to help answer questions, level up your strategy, and hold your hand through any changes to your ever-evolving business behind the chair!

I think of this as the Customer Support Independent Stylists SHOULD have, but don’t. YOUR INVESTMENT: $1000!!!!

Only 20 spots left! So grab yours before they all disappear!
One Payment of $1000Two Payments of $575

Company Mission

Listen my love… I now know that all the struggle I went through (kitchen beautician here🙌🏾) was meant for a bigger purpose- that purpose was so you don’t have to struggle as much as I did.

The reason I am on this earth is to help other struggling artists grow and live a life they have only dreamt of. Because of how much value and heart goes into this masterclass it is a nonrefundable investment.

Reserve your spot!

One Payment of $1000Two Payments of $575

Angelina Murphy is a Hair Coach who helps stylists overcome struggle in this industry, so they can achieve a 6 figure income and live a life free of burnout and bad clients.

She’s passionate about supporting stylists because she knows first hand the struggle of not having enough clients and working to the point of burn out. She was you… And is dedicated to your growth.

Over her 17 years in the beauty industry, she is responsible for helping her fellow independent stylists grow their businesses tremendously and now she’s helping stylists like YOU do all of that at a fraction of the cost of hiring her one-on-one with her program THE SOLD OUT STYLIST MASTERCLASS.

When she’s not teaching or working behind the chair, you can find Angelina spending time with her two boys and husband, or cooking something delicious. Yep, she’s a cool, real person (just like you).


Because we know that you will take massive value from this masterclass it is a nonrefundable investment. But don’t worry you will take a ton of little golden nuggets home with you and it will be a game changer!


No matter where you are in your career behind the chair- we can help. It doesn’t matter if you are not on socials or if you have been doing hair for 50 years… we have jammed packed value in each module that can transform your business and your mindset.


Other coaches in our industry are so far from where we stand daily (independently behind the chair). They seem to forget the true struggle and how we feel after 12 hour days on our feet. Angelina knows because she is in the hot seat with you… Every day.

One Payment of $1000Two Payments of $575

WHY NOW? Think about it…

You can spend $1000 on some clothes or you can invest in yourself, your business and your LIFE…clients will invest in you if you invest in YOU!!

But like all good things, this deal WILL come to an end. And then this incredible introductory price will be ABSOLUTELY gone…

So don’t be late! You only have limited to snag the goods.

-750Days -22Hours -41Minutes -12Seconds

Let’s get started!

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