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The people are good, the leader is motivated and the other artists are thriving.

And you feel good stepping into that space every day.

Choose wisely because who you surround yourself with is who you become…

#3- Knowledge is priority.

Take that class now.

Invest in yourself and your education.

Inspire the rest.

Be the best.

#4- Seek counsel

Find a mentor that you can trust.

Watch what the best in the industry are doing in your area.

Learn all that you can from a coach or a teacher.

I know what it feels like to be burnt out and ready to quit doing hair….

I was there and I fully understand if that is what you’re going through.

But once you take one little step at a time towards the right direction and setting beautiful boundaries that’s when things will start to grow.

As usual, SO much love,

Angelina xx
P.s. If anyone hasn’t told you lately, you are doing great. And just keep focusing on what you are doing in your own lane. ❤